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The Platform Economy has arrived. Here's' what you need to know about it World Economic Forum.
This disruption proceeds hand-in-glove with the overall trend towards disruptive digital advances and sees no sign of slowing down. So long as regulators take a cautious, but firm, approach to ensuring markets function well, and existing companies adapt to the new market and cultural challenges the Platform Economy brings, we will all reap the benefits. The Challenge of Regulating the Platform Economy report is available here.
What is platform economy? Quora.
Well, for me it is certainly Richard Branson who has manged to have in his Virgin portfolio over 400 companies. You can also check out Kim Kardashians portfolio who has probably subconsciously utilized the platform economy approach a long time ago.
The Platform Economy.
Visit our store. MY LIBRARY TOPIC FEEDS PURCHASES ACTIVITY ACCOUNT SETTINGS EMAIL PREFERENCES LOG OUT. The Platform Economy. How online marketplaces are changing the face of business. The Latest Editors Picks. The Unique Value of Crowdfunding Is Not Money Its Community.
Digital Platform Economy Accenture Technology Vision.
But more than that, its the platform-based business models and strategies they enable that are driving the most profound global macroeconomic change since the industrial revolution. In the digital economy, platform ecosystems are nothing less than the foundation for new value creation.
Why the Platform Economy Is Important for Your Business tips.
How to thrive in the Platform Economy. In order to succeed in the platform economy, you first need to think about your strategy and innovation within your organization. Evans, author of Mastering Digital Business, suggests that you ask the following questions regarding strategy.:
The Rise of the Platform Economy Issues in Science and Technology. Facebook. Twitter.
We prefer the term platform economy, or digital platform economy, a more neutral term that encompasses a growing number of digitally enabled activities in business, politics, and social interaction. If the industrial revolution was organized around the factory, todays changes are organized around these digital platforms, loosely defined.
Understanding the Platform Economy.
More simply put, a platform business serves as a medium through which others connect. For the purposes of this series, we will be defining the platform economy as, economic activities involving an online intermediary that provides a platform by which independent workers or sellers can sell a discrete service or good to customers.
The Rise of the Platform Economy.
While traditional business models would incent managers to maximize the price of each product or services, different approaches are needed to manage platforms Pursuing broader ecosystem profits over specific products and services may only be achieved with significant changes to managerial incentives and organizational culture. There is clearly a rising platform economy shaping our global business landscape and affecting the lives of citizens worldwide, says the report in its concluding paragraphs.
Technology Isnt Fast Enough in a Platform Economy.
It seems to make perfect sense to re-invent a law firm as a platform. Law firms are no different from banks and other businesses that are increasingly making the shift to a platform. Ignoring the platform economy would mean that they will soon be disrupted by existing platform companies.

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