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API Platform: REST and GraphQL framework on top of Symfony and React. test1. test1. test1.
Distribution API component Schema component Admin component Scaffolding component. REST and GraphQL framework to build modern API-driven projects. The API Platform Framework. API Platform is a set of tools to build and consume web APIs. Build a fully-featured hypermedia or GraphQL API in minutes.
API Platform Projects using Symfony.
Projects using Symfony. API Platform is an Open Source web framework for API-first projects. Describe the API's' data model or import an existing one from Schema.org and get instantly a fully featured read/write API with REST operations, data validation, pagination, sorting, filtering, Swagger documentation, an authorization system, invalidation-based HTTP cache, nested documents, content negotiation and support for modern hypermedia formats JSON-LD, HAL and Hydra.
API Platform Defined: When an API Provider is a Platform.
Market leaders like Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and Twilio are using these disruptive technologies to form the foundation that we can build on to automate interactions between our networks and theirs. These types of organizations are API platforms, but what is an API platform?
What exactly is an API Platform? A competitive edge thats what!
The API Platform Defined? As we wrote a few weeks ago, an API platform is an organisation which brings together two or more distinct, but interdependent groups, through a programmatically consumable service or an Application Programming Interface API, creating a foundation for automated interactions between them.
API Platform: The API Component Getting Started. test1. test1.
If you are starting a new project, the easiest way to get API Platform up is to install the API Platform Distribution. It ships with the API Platform Core library integrated with the Symfony framework, the schema generator, Doctrine ORM, NelmioCorsBundle and Behat.
GitHub api-platform/api-platform: Build hypermedia and GraphQL APIs in minutes, generate Progressive Web Apps to consume them.
Create specs and tests with a developer friendly API testing tool on top of Behat. The official project documentation is available on the API Platform website. API Platform embraces open web standards Swagger, JSON-LD, GraphQL, Hydra, HAL, JWT, OAuth, HTTP.
API Platform GitHub.
A fancy and fully-featured administration interface builder written in ReactJS supporting APIs documented using Hydra including all APIs built with API Platform. JavaScript 141 34. Generate a CRUD application built with React, Redux and React Router from an Hydra-enabled API.
API Platform.
The Definitive Guide to API Management. Your API Platform Managed by Apigee. API platforms allow enterprises to accelerate innovation, provide shared services and data, and adapt to market and customer needs. APIs have become the foundation of the fast-moving digital economy.
API Platform and Symfony: a Framework for API-driven Projects.
API Platform Admin Sonata EasyAdmin-like but as a React PWA Built on top of Admin On Rest by Marmelab Material Design Automatically generates the admin by parsing the Hydra API doc Browse https//localhost8001.: Alternatively yarn add @api-platform/admin From any React installation.:
API Platform Cloud Service Oracle Cloud.
met API Platform Cloud Service. Een goede API-beheeroplossing biedt ondersteuning voor flexibele API-ontwikkeling en bevat functies voor het beheren van de KPI's' voor elk aspect van de API-levenscyclus. Echte hybride API-implementatie in de cloud of lokaal betekent dat uw API-oplossing modern en aanpasbaar is en dat er gebruik wordt gemaakt van de nieuwste beveiligingsprotocollen.

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